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Prophase series


Gianna “Gigi” Diamond is an outspoken and fearless environmentalist who is passionate

about her community, the people she loves, and our planet whose systematic

destruction is constantly ignored. Gigi is the daughter of renowned scientist, Dr.

Johnathan Diamond. While on an expedition, Dr. Diamond uncovers the myth of the

Manobian people, who mysteriously disappeared during the colonization of Africa. This

discovery led him to a powerful serum from an unknown world.

As Dr. Diamond begins to unlock the powers of the serum, he stumbles upon his

employers’ sinister plan to use the serum to create a world-conquering army.

Cornered by those who seek to steal the serum, Dr. Diamond is forced to use it on

himself. Before he could learn the ramifications of that decision, his past catches up

with him, rendering Gigi an orphan. Now, Gigi is left without the knowledge of her

altered DNA that will one day be unlocked by the powers from another world.

Black Diamond is the first installment of the Prophase Series. It follows Gigi and the

challenges she will face while learning to control her powers. As Gigi seeks

environmental justice, her enemies will seek retaliation against the family and

community that she loves.


Independently Created




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